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HomeKit Camera Monitor

HomeCam is the only universal iOS app to allow you to view multiple cameras live at once and control their surroundings.

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Live View

With HomeCam, you can view all your HomeKit cameras live on one screen, not snapshots that lag behind the reality of what your cameras are seeing.

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Data Layers

Bring a camera into full screen mode and you can view layers of data from surrounding HomeKit accessories such as temperature, humidity and air quality. Use the speaker and microphone of the camera to communicate to others.

Room controls

Room Control

With the newly added HomeKit controls, HomeCam enables you to control surrounding accessories in the same room as your camera. Change the room's lighting, adjust your thermostat and more.



Quickly glance at selected camera feeds live in a Today widget, providing a great way to keep track of those views important to you.

iPad Support

HomeCam supports all iPads, allowing you to take advantage of your largest screens as viewports into your camera feeds.

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